To use the contact form, you’ll need to enter the correct text into the “Instructions Below” field, which may show a prompt “Correct Response”. To figure out what that text should be, start with the second-longest group of characters below:

  • T5:8/3~@e{Q9N>TMD,{LWN-;%NBvJEa4@-y>
  • !OKEN.{-oE#M84BWO5UaMYI–M$/-n|j Wduz|kie6jx!gcM^2P
  • Q.?q^;g9b-<kEW|[


For that group only, reverse the case of all letters (uppercase becomes lower, lowercase becomes upper). Subtract three from each digit. Enter into the form only the resulting alphanumeric characters, in reverse order.

I apologize for the hassle. I could no longer find the legit messages in the flood of spam.